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Teaching Philosophy

I fundamentally believe that effective teaching requires evidence-based constructivism. In other words, a productive teacher should strive to deliver current, tested knowledge to students of all abilities, backgrounds, and learning styles.

My work balances science, artistry, and each singer's social-emotional needs. I try to strike this balance by facilitating lessons where students assume leadership roles and identify their musical and psychological needs. We then collaborate to discover an authentic singing voice by embracing the singer's unique cognition, identity, and instrument.

At my core, I believe in teaching the person before me. Everyone has personal skills, goals, needs, and backgrounds—all of which are embraced at TMVS. This approach is the cornerstone of my teaching, and it models the respect and equity I hope to inspire in all of life's arenas.


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Student Successes


Mary Poppins, Waiting for Godot, Finding Neverland


Holland America Production Line, RWS Entertainment Group, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruises Lines



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Applied Voice Instructor


Music Supervisor

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Music Director, Voice & Acting Faculty



"When looking for a vocal teacher, you always want someone who will make you feel comfortable and be honest with you. Taylor is both of those things, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone."

Maya, CalArts CAP Student